4 days ago

Magic is much more fun than homework! 😆 – View on Path.

My homework. His homework. – View on Path.

2 weeks ago
At ArcLight Cinemas

Taking my kiddo to see his favorite movie on the big screen! Arclight Presents “Spirited Away” eeep! – at ArcLight Cinemas with Joey and Jerry – See on Path.

2 weeks ago
At Coffee Gallery

Lunch and concert catch up date with a good friend! – at Coffee Gallery – See on Path.

2 weeks ago
Watching Pompeii

I pink puffy heart catastrophe movies! – View on Path.

At Lupitas

Celebratory eats that are gonna require a run tomorrow to compensate 😳😁 – at Lupitas – See on Path.

Sweaty faced We Ran a 5K selfie! – View on Path.

Feeling bad ass! – View on Path.

Kicked some ass this morning! Goal = Run every f’ing step of a 5K? Check ✔️

Let’s do this!

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